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"We are promoters and followers of IPM Program"

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Eco-friendly IPM Tools For Residue Free Farming

Pheromone Traps, Pheromone Lures, Sticky Traps, Bio-control Agents, Jivanu.

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Pheromone Traps

Here you will get different types of pheromone traps used to trap attracted flies. These scientifically approved tools are durable, Economic and Easy to use. Choose Suitable for you.

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Pheromone Lures

Here you will know about more than 100 pheromone lures. As per your crop choose it and use with recommended pheromone trap to manage pest and grow your crops with minimum pesticide use.

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Sticky Traps

Sticky Traps used to manage sucking pest i.e White Fly, Aphids, Thrips and many more. This can be used in Melons, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Cash crops, Kitchen gardens. Yellow, Blue, White sticky Traps are here choose suitable variant for you.

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Am using IPM Trap with Melon Fly Lure in Watermelon crops, we got excellent catches with sweet and damage free fruits.