About us

Our specialization in the promotes Agriculture Insect Pheromone Lures and Pheromone Traps this a part of substantial Organic Farming. We are manufacture, Research, and Developing more effective, economical, and environmentally friendly Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tools.

Insect Pheromone Lures (IPM) aims to suppress pest populations below the Economic Injury Level (EIL). Our products help growers in monitoring, detecting, and Mass Trapping for controlling the pest. We are working with QMS (Quality Management system) ISO 9001:2015 System - Reg.no- RQ91/10811. Also, we are certified with NPOP (National Program of organic production) Accredit of APEDA. Govt of INDIA - NPOP/IM/121120952. Approved for use in Organic Agriculture. Also, we are providing our customers with all relevant/required information as well as giving advice for managing their pest problems.

We are continuously improving and designing data of Research and Development for managing their crops for the harmful pests.


Making Green Revolution company Top 1 company by manufacturing a new unique product and try to maximize its use. Increase number of retail outlet in Accra and expand into new market. Gave Products to farmers with best quality and best Price. We offer the best product and service packages that are priced appropriately for each segment of our market. Also we offer the quality and verity of product to our customers


  • Identify the trust area. Add and expand its existing plant capacity.
  • Maintain its global standards of excellence.
  • Emerge as a key player both in domestics and international markets.

Why Use Our Product

Pesticide Free Products: All our products scientifically approved for Good Agriculture Practices(GAP). we offer to customers are based upon the research and development, field trials, monitoring results, and also customer feedback. We are continuously improving the products and solutions as per scientific and data analysis. Now the various different species are attacked in various regions. We are monitor and design the data for the customers and then offer the most suitable pheromone lure and trap for the specific species on specific crops. To the benefits of our customers. We are also use the feedback from farmers and field trials to determine the best pheromone formulation to offer the farmers for managing their crops from harmful pest.

High Quality Products

All the products are a semio-chemical formulation with using high-quality chemical we have also strictly observed the quality of the products. To ensure our lures are contained proper pheromone loading and a ration of chemical composition. Our special team only works for loading the pheromone in the scientifically designed lab. We produce the trap using the only virgin material for the long shield life, attraction and maximum catching of the insect. We are continually supporting the customer and provide the relevant and required information as well as giving advice for managing their pest problems.